Thoughts from RC pilots

Thoughts from RC pilots

Ray says the best thing for beginners or anyone in this sport is to find an established flying club and get involved. Members are always interested in helping others.

Ken says when building keep in mind that for a nice flying plane keep weight close to CG (center of gravity) which is close to where the wing spar and fuselage meet. When you get more control of flying the weight may change for what you want the plane to do.

Scott says if plane gets too far out there do not panic. You can tell how the plane is orientated by how the plane reacts to the control inputs you make on transmitter.

Harold says you land tri wheel and tail draggers differently. One isn’t any better than the other. Just different.

Collin says a good simulator is important. Your reset button is a lot less expensive than repairs, but nothing takes the place of going to the field for actual flight time.

Jeff says anyone can fly anything just take it a step of a time and your computer transmitter will help you a lot.

Larry says when using batteries the more volts the faster the motor will run where the more amps the longer it will run. But it’s always best to go with what the manufacture recommends. Weight will change with larger batteries, which can also make a big difference.

Tom says read, practice on simulator; talk to people that knows our sport and goes to the flying field.

Dave Scott says in his book that we all must crawl before we walk and flying is not any different.

Luke says go to qualified hobby shop who knows RC and can recommend products to you.

Scott says we all have to start off somewhere and there is always something.