Constitution and Bylaws

Penn Ohio Radio Kontrol Society, also known as PORKS, Inc.

Constitution and Bylaws

Chartered Club of the Academy of Model Aeronautics, Charter #564

Incorporated, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania 1964 (PORKS Inc.)

Article 1 – NAME

Penn Ohio Radio Kontrol Society, also known as PORKS, INC.

Article 2 – PURPOSE

Section 1 – Mission Statement

The Penn Ohio Radio Kontrol Society (PORKS) and its members are affiliated with the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA), which is a world-class association of radio-controlled modelers organized for the purpose of promotion, development, education, and the advancement of radio-contolled modeling activities.

Section 2 – Vision Statement

PORKS and its members is committed to providing a club to participate and enjoy radio controlled activities, opportunities to educate members regarding radio-controlled skills, knowledge and technology advancements, and promoting radio controlled activities with the public.

Section 3 – Special Comment

All special and local activities will conform to all policies of the AMA and safety requirements.

Article 3 – Membership

Section 1

All persons shall be eligible for membership in PORKS providing they meet the qualifications prescribed by the club and the AMA, including holding an AMA membership.

Section 2

Prospective members must complete the clubs application form, and provide proof of AMA membership. Applications can be presented to any board member for review and approval by a 2/3rd majority vote. A member or president can ask for secret ballot if general voting is

uncomfortable for any member in attendance at the meeting. Dues are required at the time the application is accepted. If prospective member is denied, the dues will be returned.

Section 3

Anyone who does not maintain their membership with PORKS will be required to pay an initiation fee of $30 to restart their membership.

Section 4

A member’s right to use the club’s facility, field and equipment may be withdrawn at any time if the member does not abide by club safety rules, rules of conduct, with a simple majority vote. Reinstatement can be acquired through pleading your case at the next club meeting with a 2/3 majority vote.


Article 1 – Officers

Section 1 – The Officers of PORKS shall be:


Vice President



All consider members of board of directors

Section 2 – Additional Board of Directors shall be:

Field Marshall/Safety Officer

Recruiting/Program Officer


Article 2 – Duties

Section 1

a. President – The president shall preside at all meetings of the club and shall act as spokesperson (or his/her designee) for the club in all matters pertaining to the club.

b. Vice President – The vice-president shall act for the president when they are unable to serve.

c. Secretary – The secretary shall keep the minutes of all meetings, and records for all club activities. He/she shall keep complete records of the status (active, AMA, dues), and vital information (name, address, phone, email) of all club members. The secretary will make rosters available via email and hard copies as required by the membership.

d. Treasurer – The treasurer, under the directions of the board of directors, shall have charge of the funds of this club. This includes collections, deposits, petty cash, payables and check book maintenance. The treasurer shall make complete and accurate reports of the finances of the club and report such at each club meeting, or at the request of any board member.

e. Field Marshall/Safety Officer – Field Marshall/Safety Officer will be responsible for maintaining a safe flying environment, maintain safety rules and post rules at club site. He/she has broad discretion for enforcing safety rules set forth by the AMA and the club, and can forbid a member from using the facility until a board of directors can review the allegations at the next meeting.

f. Recruiting/Program Officer – The recruiting and program officer will be responsible for marketing, recruiting, training coordination, and any programs directed by the board of directors and/or club membership.

g. Member-at-Large – The member at large will provide support to the officers when deemed appropriate or directed by the consensus of the club.

Article 3 – Term of Office/Elections/Vacancies

Section 1.

All officers of PORKS shall serve at 1 year increments begin October 1 and end on September 30th. There is no limited to the number of terms that can be served.

Section 2

The election of officers shall be held during the September meeting of a given year. The nominations shall occur at the previous meeting in August.

Section 3

Officers shall be nominated and elected by 2/3 votes of club in attendance, either verbally or by secret ballot. In the case where multiple individuals are nominated for a position. The individuals will be able to state their case for the position and the election will be performed by secret ballot.

Section 4

Any vacancies of an officer will by appointed at the discretion of the president, confirmed by vote of board of directors, and replacement will serve out the remainder of the vacated term.

Article 4 – Meetings/Quorum

Section 1

Meetings shall be conducted once a month, at the clubs discretion.

Section 2

The Board of Directors/Officers shall meet once a year at the discretion of the president.

Section 3

Special meetings can be called at the discretion of the president, when urgent club business is required and needed before a monthly meeting with a 3 day notice to membership.

Section 4

Any regular monthly meeting must have at least 3 club members in attendance, plus at least 3 board members/officers. In the event quorum is not met, the meeting will be rescheduled or occur during the next monthly meeting at the discretion of the president.

Article 5 – Dues and Fees

Section 1

PORKS Membership fees/dues:

Adult/Senior (age 65+) – $60 per year

Junior (ages 19-25) – $24 per year, Junior (ages 6-18) – $12 per year

Social Membership $30 per year

All members, except social members, will be required to maintain an AMA number.

Proration of fees/dues for PORKS, will be $5 per month, until Oct 1. (ie. Someone joining in February, would owe 8 months, until Sept. 30 at $5 per month = $40.) Mid month joiners will begin cost at beginning of next month.

Section 2

No initiation fees will be collected for new membership, however, if you quit your membership and rejoin, you will be assessed an initiation fee of $30 for adult/senior member to rejoin. This will be assessed each time the member quits and rejoins. A junior of any age will be assessed an initiation fee of $15 to rejoin, again, each time this occurs. An exception by the board of directors can be made for health and or extraordinary

circumstances that caused the member to have to quit the club, and later rejoin, by 2/3rds vote of meeting attendees at a regularly scheduled meeting.

Section 3

No special assessments shall be levied upon club members at any time, for any reason. In order to make changes to fees/dues, a 2/3rds acceptance by the entire club membership is required.

Article 6 – Amendments/Changes to Constitution/Bylaws

Section 1

Any member may propose an amendment, deletion or change by submitting in writing to board of directors at a monthly meeting.

Two meetings will be required at minimum to discuss the proposed changes. The second meeting can provide a vote to ratify the changes, with an appropriate discussion, a motion and second, accepted at the discretion of the president. A vote of 2/3rds of attendees at the meeting are required to make changes.

These changes were submitted by Colin Reesey, Ted Hennessy and Ed Gantz on Dec. 15th, 2019. Additional edits performed January 8 per December meeting. Final copy.

Adoption complete and final January 12th, 2020.